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3 Super Simple Steps to Follow to Understand your Credit Card Processing Statement

Reading statements can be a daunting task, let alone making sense of them. Due to the unregulated industry of processing, statements are often very confusing. Let us help you make sense of your statement! 

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How to Improve SEO for Your Local Business: 4 Tips

Google is where customers ask questions before they know your business is the answer.  It's where they find important information like your business's phone number, address, or website, get directions to your business and read reviews from previous customers to decide whether or not they should...

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5 Reasons Gift Cards Are Essential for Your Small Business

With the holiday season rolling in, gift cards can serve as a driving force to help your business grow. They're great gift options for all members of the family and provide an easy way to drive repeat customers through your door. Here’s some information to consider if you’re on the fence about...

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Content Creation: 5 Reasons It's Important for Your Small Business

It's 2021, and content is everywhere. From video and music streaming apps to podcasts and blogs – content keeps evolving. As a small business owner, this can feel overwhelming, and it might seem easier to stay put instead of growing your brand with the rest of the digital world. But, content...

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How Virtual Terminals Work to Benefit your Business

Virtual terminals have become more and more common through the advancements in modern-day technology. Adding yet another way for companies to conduct business quickly and conveniently. So, what is a virtual terminal?

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Credit Card Processing 101: How does it work?

On the surface, the credit card transaction process seems simple: Customers swipe, dip, or tap their cards, and before they know it, the transaction is complete. Behind every swipe, however, there is much more than meets the eye. Inserting the card and signing the receipt are only the first and...

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What is Cash Discount 2.0? 5 Benefits You’ve Never Thought of Before

You've seen it before: business owners offer a discount if you pay with cash or check instead of using your credit card. It isn't an entirely new concept, but what is new is VizyPay's way of implementing it.

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4 Benefits of Working as an Independent Sales Rep

Salespeople can be independent contractors or they can be employees. For many, the advantages of becoming an independent sales representative far outweigh the disadvantages of working as a W-2, salaried sales rep. Before we jump into the details surrounding whether or not there’s a clear winner,...

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3 Signs It's Time to Switch Payment Processors

Do you get a sinking feeling every time you go to review your monthly credit card processing statement? Is anticipating how much you’ll owe each month a constant guessing game? Are you reluctant to pick up the phone and dial up customer support because of the long hold times or insufficient...

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