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Austin Mac Nab: The VizyPay Entrepreneur on Craving Success

          It's easy to say that all people desire some form of prosperity, whether that be buying a home in the suburbs, maintaining a financially stable job, or rising to high social status. The correlation between a wealthy upbringing and future success is undeniable. Growing up at the...

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What Is Cash Discount 2.0 and Can It Work For Your Business?

       You’ve seen it before, business owners offering a discount if you pay with cash or check instead of using...

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Simplifying Credit Card Processing with VizyPay


It's no secret that credit card processing is one of the most complex processes a...
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#Smallbiz, #Entreprenuer, #SmallBusiness, #Shopsmall, #AmericanExpress

Small Business Saturday

As a company that serves local business owners and customers, VizyPay is proud to support Small...

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