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Did You Get Upsold On Your POS System?

            Think of your point-of-sales systems as a cellphone, different cell phones have different strong suites and are better tailored to a person’s needs depending on what they demand from their product. Your POS is just like that and there’s a high chance that you are paid more than you needed because that silver-tongue salesman told you that you needed the top-of-the-line POS system and months later you noticed you aren’t using have the features and are paying way more than you need too on it.

            Back to the cellphone analogy, think of every feature on your POS system. Some people want the newest phone because they want a better camera, while others are content with just having enough to text and make calls when needed. That’s how your system is too, maybe all you needed was a Clover Mini to run your business. These are a great option for businesses that keep a low-inventory and mainly just need a system to execute transactions, like a barber or salon.

            On the other hand, maybe you’re a restaurant that has less than more. Your business has grown and so has your need for new technology. Perhaps your menu has grown and so has your staff requiring you to make more transactions, more scheduling needs, more items on the menu, and even more receipt errors so you’d like all these processes to be easier. A Clover Station Duo with the full capabilities of having your system in the kitchen, at the bar, and the front checkout/check-in area are becoming must haves to relieve technological stress.

            Being knowledgeable in what your needs are for your business from point of sale standpoint, is essential in understanding what system is going to be best for you. Not all features, or pos system, or terminal is universal and perfect for every single business, but salesman sure do a good job trying to convince you on what you need. Always keep in mind the phone analogy, this can help you figure out what's best for you and to make sure you're not swindled into purchasing $3,000 worth of equipment, when all you need was $600 worth. 

            Ultimately, it all comes down to what you use on your day to day, not what you planned on using in 5-years because either way you’ll need a new system at that point. Take care of yourself by saving on what you can today. The indefinite feature all Small-Businesses should have is the ability to read EMV Chips, they make up to 85% of transactions, yet only 63% of small-businesses can handle doing them.

            There’s a magnitude of things to consider when looking at your point-of-sale system, but it’s just as important to ask yourself “Do I really need this feature?”. Hopefully the list below can help you ask the right questions or at least give you the idea for the ones that can help point you in the right direction for what you need.

Key Features to Help Determine Your POS:

  • Accounting Needs
  • Checkout Method
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory
  • Number of Devices Needed
  • Affordability For You

            When it comes to your next POS upgrade, keep in mind of what you want and need. Know where you plan on going as a business and what your technology needs are going to be. If you ever have any questions along the way, feel free to fill the form out below and we'll help you figure out what's the best terminal or POS for you for no cost and no commitment to our company.


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