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eCommerce solutions made simple.

Our services are perfect are for any online store.

Accept Online Payments

A perfect solution to allow eCommerce businesses a more affordable way for them to accept payments at their online store..

Savings You Deserve 

Our transparent pricing starts at $25/month, ensuring you keep more of your hard-earned profits.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Get the support you deserve: Our 4.9-star rated team is always ready to help, no waiting. Our average wait time is 30 seconds or less.


Accepting Payments Made Simple.

VizyPay has seen thousands of automotive business owners nationwide boost their profits and improved their operations with our payment processing setup. Our customized solutions are designed to elevate this system to new heights specifically for automotive enterprises. Created by small-business owners, for small-business owners, we're here to support you at every stage of your journey.

Our Go To eCommerce Solution

Accepting payments through online stores can be stressful- that's why we are proud of our solutions. Starting today your eCommerce solutions can be simplified.

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As Low As $25 Per Month

Unlock 100% savings on payment processing through an affordable month-to-month subscription- our Cash Discount Program. Granting unlimited credit card transaction processing and the chance to offset up to 100% of processing fees & only pay as low as $25 Per Month.


Online Payment Solution

VizyPay's virtual terminals offer a seamless solution that syncs all your transactions in one place. This means no more manual data entry or struggling to reconcile records. With VizyPay, you'll have a clear, unified view of your sales, regardless of how your customers choose to pay.

Cash Discount Program

Virtual Terminal

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Pricing designed for savings.

Ditch the outdated high costs of payment processing. Our plans start at just $25/month, putting affordable solutions within reach.


Ideal solution for Online Stores

Running your business can become more simple. Our eCommerce solutions are designed to protect you from fraud, be affordable, and give the ability to send invoices.

Works perfectly for...




Online Stores




Retail Stores




B2B Services

And many more.

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Start offering Invoicing.

Our invoicing offers the convenience of tracking sales and managing finances seamlessly, providing a professional and organized approach to transactions. Streamline your billing processing with a click of a button.


Your Store Can Now Offer Online Shopping.

1 out of every 5 purchases are made online, this means that there's a good chance that at least one out of your 5 customers are wanting to purchase online. Offer your products or services online today with our eCommerce solutions.


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