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Restaurant Owners.

Accepting debit & credit cards at your restaurant could be easier.

Personalized Solutions

Our team will craft the perfect solution for your businesses needs. Every business is not a one-size approach, we will help you find the perfect tailored payment processing & features needs.

Pricing Made Simple

Pricing designed to make sure your profits, remain your profits. Starting as low as $25 a month for our services.

Support When You Need It

We're here for you when you need it, not 4 business days later. Our 4.9 Star Customer Service is always ready to assist you whenever you call.

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Improve Your Restaurant Today

VizyPay was built with restaurant owners in mind. Our solutions focus on what matters most: helping your restaurant thrive! Click here to see how VizyPay can save you money and streamline your payments today!

The Dream Setup for Restaurant Owners

We have assisted thousands of restaurant owners across the country for nearly 10 years & we have found the perfect payment processing setup for you. Utilizing our Cash Discount Program, a Clover point-of-sale, and some apps- you can take your business to the next level.


As Low As $25 Per Month

Our Cash Discount Program is available through a budget-friendly month-to-month subscription, granting you the flexibility to process unlimited credit card transactions while offsetting up to 100% of processing fees.


The Best In The Industry

Clover point-of-sale systems can take your business to the next level. Due to their affordability, consistency, and technological advances- they can take your processing to the next level. From accepting all types of payments, their app & integration features, and reporting; these are a fan favorite for our restaurant owners.


All-In-One Device.

Through the Clover App Marketplace, you have hundreds of apps at your fingertips. Your loyalty program, payroll, inventory & reporting, and more all capable through your Clover POS! This is not a one size fits all, you have the ability to customize your device to meet all yours needs.

Cash Discount Program

Clover Point-of-Sale

Apps & Features

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Payment Processing designed for Restaurants.


Paying thousands per month to accept payments is in the past and paying as low as $25 per month could be your future.

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New Point-Of-Sale,

New Features.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies transactions for both staff and customers, reducing wait times and enhancing overall dining experiences. All you need to run your business, a Clover Point-Of-Sale.

Perfect for any...




Food Truck




Quick-Service Restaurant








Coffee Shop









And everything in between.

Front House, Back House Communication

Streamline your restaurants operations. When an order is placed at the table from a waiter, it can be sent directly to the back of the house in seconds.

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Take Orders at the Table

Taking orders can become easier and smoother. Our devices are capable of allowing your servers to take orders anywhere.

No matter where they're ordering, we got you covered.

Hundreds of Apps & Integrations

Jumpstart your business efficiencies with apps & integrations to streamline your operations.

  • Inventory Reporting
  • Sales Reporting
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Payroll
  • And more!

    Save tens of hours per month with our wide variety of apps to make tasks as simple as clicking a button.


Upgrade Your Restaurant Today.

Quick setup. No long term contracts.