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Free cost analysis against your current provider

Confusing billing, hidden fees, and surprise expenses have been the status quo in the payment processing industry for too long; with VizyPay you'll have full transparency into your monthly costs. Review our different pricing programs and click the buttons below to calculate your actual cost.

Hybrid Program

40-60% savings

$25 flat monthly subscription, unlimited processing.


You pay 0%
Customer pays 3%


You pay 1.5%+$0.25*
Customer pays 0%

*Your business cost on consumer debit cards is 1.5%+$0.25, Mid Qualified cards 2.50% and Non Qualified cards 3.50%. Key-entered debit transaction on the VizyPay Terminal do not qualify for the 1.5%+$0.25 rate and will fall into mid or non qualified rates.

Cash Discount Program

Up to 100% savings

One flat monthly subscription, unlimited processing.


Merchants processing less than $5,000 per month


Merchants processing $5,000-$10,000 per month


Merchants processing over $10,000 per month

Traditional Program

10-15% savings

$15 flat monthly subscription, unlimited processing.

VizyPay operates on the interchange - plus pricing model, ensuring you get the lowest rates with our margin clearly spelled out.

Fixed Margins of 0.35% + $0.10 per transaction above interchange

Cash Discount Savings Calculator

Monthly Credit Card Volume

| |
$0 $500,000

Savings based on our hybrid program

Potential Savings

This is an estimate based on the information provided (Based on 3% effective rate and 50% of volume for debit, savings based on credit card sales). Per Occurrence fees will still apply. Learn More

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