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Hybrid Program

Save 40-60% on your processing costs.

The Hybrid Program is perfect for business owners who want to accept multiple payment methods without the hassle of worrying about what their processing bill will be each month. Business owners save money on the cost of accepting credit cards by passing on a fee to customers that pay with a credit card and maintaining the same pricing for customers that pay with cash or a debit card.

Check out our Savings Calculator to see how much VizyPay can keep in your pocket.

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Accept Credit Cards

When customers pay with a credit card, they also cover the fee. At the time of purchase, VizyPay informs the customer of the fee amount and always gives the option to pay with a no-fee method. You receive 100% of the amount of your sale. As the business owner, you have the option to accept AMEX with a cap of 3% on credit transactions. 





Accept Debit Cards

Customers that choose to pay with a debit card or cash pay no fee. Business owners are responsible for swiped debit transactions at the cost of 1.5% + $0.25 per transaction (no service fee added). VizyPay provides a terminal that automatically determines the customer's card type and won't charge a fee on debit cards.


1.5% +$0.25*



*Your business’s cost on consumer debit cards is 1.5% + $0.25. Mid Qualified cards 2.50% and Non Qualified cards 3.50%. Key-entered debit transactions on the VizyPay Terminal do not qualify for the 1.5% + $0.25 rate and will fall into mid or non qualified rates.

Hybrid Savings Calculator

Monthly Credit Card Volume

| |
$0 $500,000

Savings based on our hybrid program

Potential Savings

This is an estimate based on the information provided (Based on 3% effective rate, 50% of volume for debit and a $50 average transaction, savings based on credit card sales). Per Occurrence fees will still apply. Learn More


What is a surcharge?

A surcharge is a fee imposed upon the customer during a credit card transaction that covers the cost to accept the payment method. The POS system or terminal automatically detects when a customer is paying with a credit card and imposes the surcharge on that transaction type only.

How will I know if the Hybrid Program is right for my business?

The Hybrid program is great for businesses that don’t want to include all processing fees into their menu pricing, but still want to share some of the costs to accept cards with their customers. Business owners have the flexibility to add a credit card fee to a consumer’s bill when he or she uses a card for payment, but that fee is removed if they use cash and/or a debit card.

My business’s menu and pricing change frequently. Will this program still be beneficial for my business?

Since business owners aren’t required to include all of the processing fees into their displayed pricing, the Hybrid program is perfect for business owners that frequently update or modify their menus. It’s also beneficial for businesses that may operate with pricing limitations on goods or services.

I’ve never accepted credit cards at my business, but want to offer my customers the option to pay with a card. How can the Hybrid program help?

Operating on the Hybrid program gives business owners flexibility to save on processing fees by passing on a fee to customers that pay with a credit card, and maintaining the same pricing for customers that pay with cash or a Debit card. This empowers businesses to offer multiple methods of payment for consumers and begin accepting cards without shouldering the cost of acceptance.

I want to save on processing fees, but I don’t know if it’s right to pass on all of the fees to my customer. Can this program help me?

The Hybrid program is perfect for business owners looking to share some of the cost of credit card acceptance with their customers via a surcharge, as opposed to increasing pricing across all menu items. Customers receive multiple payment method choices and will still receive the benefits of using their credit card at your business.

I want to save 100% on my business’s cost to accept cards. Can this program help me do that?

If your business is looking to offset 100% of processing fees, then VizyPay’s Cash Discount program might be a better fit for your payment needs. Check it out here.

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We believe in simple solutions that adapt to how you do business. That's why our Hybrid Program is fully automated and compatible with 1000’s of POS systems.

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Pricing per Occurrence


VizyPay's Cost

Monthly Cost


Credit Transactions

Paid by Customer

Debit Transactions

1.5% + $0.25/transaction

AVS Cost (for keyed sales)


Batch Cost


Retrieval Cost


Chargeback Cost


Voice Authorization Cost


Closure Cost


PCI Non Compliance (if applicable)


ACH Reject Cost


Wireless Service Cost (if applicable)


Mid & Non Qualified (Debit only)

2.5%, 3.5%

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