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Terminal Options

Simple and reliable processing for your business.


Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner shopping around for a new solution, having the right technology is critical. Terminals are the most commonly used credit card machines out there. They are reliable and support all the basic functions to keep your business running smoothly.Copy of Untitled (1)



Introducing our proprietary Pax app: VizyPOS!

The VizyPOS app helps merchants streamline and manage all aspects of the payments process. Merchants can upload their entire inventory of products or services and seamlessly manage them through the VizyPOS Portal, a supplementary website for the app. VizyPOS app is built for merchants looking for more flexibility and completely eliminates the need for cash registers and traditional payment terminals, ultimately reducing monthly overhead costs.

  • Cash Discount Program split tender capabilities
  • Merchant inventory ranking system
  • Transaction analytics
  • Cash Discount Program implementation

The Pax Family



Pax S80

An advanced countertop terminal with large capacity, secure and flexible platform, superior connectivity and PCI compliant. You may be eligible for a free Pax S80 as a part of our free terminal program.

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Pax A80

Versatile enough to work as a countertop or indoor portable payment terminal thanks to its optional backup battery. Combination of Wifi, Bluetooth and ethernet. 4 HD touch screen. Accepts EMV chip, swipe, QR, Apple, and Google payments.

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Pax A920

This SmartMobile delivers style and security to every payment experience. The A920 combines features of an Android tablet with compact terminal. Featuring a camera, high-speed printer, and powerful battery to meet the daily demands across all dynamic Retail or Hospitality environments.

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Dejavoo Z8

The Dejavoo Z8 countertop credit card machine boasts several features that make it a convenient and flexible choice for your business. The terminal offers multiple connection options, a backlit LCD screen for high visibility viewing, a keypad and a built-in printer. The small size makes the terminal convenient for environments that don’t have a lot of space for a bulky credit card machine. EMV & PCI compliant. Compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa PayWave, MasterCard PayPass.

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