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Unlimited credit card acceptance, zero cost


Save 40-60% on your processing costs, only pay on Debit!


When customers choose a credit card, they also cover the fee.

At the time of purchase, VizyPay informs the customer of the fee amount, and always gives the option to pay with a no-fee method. You receive 100% of the amount of your sale.


Customers that choose to pay with a debit card/cash, pay no fee.

Giving your customers a no fee option by using a debit card or cash reduces the chances of unhappy customers. VizyPay provides a terminal that can determine the card type, and won’t apply a fee to debit cards.

Accept Credit Cards

  • You Pay 0%
  • Customer's fee 4%
Simple Pricing. Simple Decisions. 

Accept Debit Cards/ Cash


  • You Pay 1% + $0.25*
  • Customer's fee 0%
*Your business's cost on consumer debit cards is 1% + $0.25. Mid Qualified cards 2.50% and Non Qualified cards 3.50%. Key-entered debit transactions on the VizyPay Terminal do not qualify for the 1% + $0.25 rate and will fall into mid or non qualified rates.

Hybrid Savings Calculator

Monthly Credit Card Volume

| |
$0 $500,000

Savings based on our hybrid program


This is an estimate based on the information provided (Based on 3% effective rate and 50% of volume for debit, savings based on credit card sales). Per Occurrence fees will still apply. Learn More

Simple Pricing. Simple Decisions.

Will this program work for me?

The Hybrid program is not available in all states. For more information:  Click Here

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What does VizyPay NOT charge?