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Running multiple businesses a daunting task and we all need to partner with companies that provide exemplary service and products for our customers and clients. We have used numerous different credit card processing companies over the years and I have to say without a doubt, the expertise, professionalism and seamless integration that was offered by vizypay has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of our businesses. Vizypay will evaluate the current state of your business, the needs that you require to function more efficiently and to save money on processing fees. Their knowledgeable experts will then select the products and services to best suit your needs.

Jonas Chladek

Great service from VizyPay. Mexico and Europe companies all require customers to pay the service fees. I've had no complaints & my customers are going to like it that I'm not raising my prices! VizyPay is available to help set up machine as well as using it. Was very easy! ! The service fees goes to the customer which helps me keep my prices lower

Marcia Renner

I was reluctant to start this but mike Caudle helped me get started. I love it! I will be able to buy new equipment for my bar and keep my prices lower. Longer you wait the more fees you will pay.

Clay Cook

I work for a small restaurant in Kansas. we we're sceptical at first, but the company has proved to be exactly what they say. bery impressed with our local rep and the tech support is above the bar in knowledge, attentivness, follow ups and customer service!!

Annie Nielsen

WOW, is all I can say. I was nervous starting this. I was worried people would be upset to have to pay cash or get an extra charge. WOW! Never once have I had a negative comment and I have had Vizypay for 3 months now. The comments I do get.. "Great idea" "Smart on your part for doing this" "You should have done this from the start" Thank you Vizypay for letting me be part of this great venture you have started and the Visypay family.

Echo Boland

I had some concerns before starting, but now I'm so happy that I did. No real complaints, just hundreds and savings for my small business....all within the first month!!

Dennis Mugan

We switched to Vizy Pay at Manhattan Deli and it has been a wonderful experience. The amount of money that they are saving us is incredible... the hardware works great, the software works great. We don’t get put on hold when we call customer service. They are going to save our small business thousands of dollars a year. Big thank you to Austin and your team at Vizy for fighting against these banks and giving us the option to do things differently.

Dominic Hagar

Our Rep, is truly a "gem"! Since we've started using this program we have saved an incredible amount of money in fees! The transition couldn't have been easier. Not one single problem or issue, Thank you VizyPay for making this so affordable, I am recommending this program to anyone that takes CC's!

Shirley D'Alessio

A1 customer service. Had an issue with our card machine and they were quick to help with the issues in no time. Also the insane amount of money they’ve already helped us save is stupid dumb! You’re missing out if you haven’t switched yet! Highly recommended

MakeemsayUng Allen

Interchange-plus pricing. Honest, Transparent, with no Surprises!

It’s the fairest pricing model in the industry, with flat and fixed margins, so you always get a fair deal.

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Full-featured POS system. With an incredibly easy-to-use interface. View details »

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Accept credit cards via iPhone, iPad, tablet, or wireless terminal. View details »


Simple and reliable EMV ready terminals for your business. View details »

Virtual Terminal

Offer products or services online & need to accept credit cards? View details »