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Content Creation: 5 Reasons It's Important for Your Small Business

It's 2021, and content is everywhere.

From video and music streaming apps to podcasts and blogs – content keeps evolving. As a small business owner, this can feel overwhelming, and it might seem easier to stay put instead of growing your brand with the rest of the digital world.

But, content creation opens the door for small makers and growing brands; and no company is too small to participate.

Here are five reasons why content shouldn't be taking a back seat in your marketing strategy as a small business owner.  

1. Content builds trust with your audience

96% of consumers don't trust ads. How many of you reading this are running ad blockers? Exactly. However, people browse organic results on Google, YouTube, and other social platforms to answer their questions and problems. When your brand creates value without taking anything in return, your audience is more likely to trust your advice and recommendations. Ultimately, when your content shows up at the right place and the right time with the right audience, it'll improve your brand's reputation. The more quality content customers see, the more likely they will have a positive association with your business. 

2. Content is a great branding tool for your small biz

Content is an essential part of your overall brand and can be used to amplify your brand voice and reinforce your commitment to your brand values. Content creation allows your brand to share its unique story and ensure your values are present digitally. It's all about integrity. Treat every piece of content like it's the only thing someone will associate with your brand. 

3. Content is cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing tactics and tends to be more popular with customers who are tired of traditional ads. It's flexible and scalable for small businesses while remaining cost-effective and generating about three times as many leads. Content is easy to audit and adjust when your brand needs to:

  • Shift to different formats
  • Adjust your target audience
  • Scale your budget up or down
  • Try new strategies and tactics

4. Content allows you to understand your audience better

Brands can't create effective content without getting into the mind of their audience. Content creation will enable you to identify your consumer's pain points and speak to how your products solve those issues. It's the only way to:

  • Choose the right keywords and topics
  • Answer their questions at the right knowledge level
  • Stay ahead of trends & differentiate from competitors

5. Content allows your brand to stand out

61% of consumers' buying decisions are influenced by custom content. While creating content may be time-consuming, it reinforces the value of your brand, its products and affects conversion opportunities. Without great content, your brand's unique value proposition is contained to the products, services, and experience your business has to offer after someone becomes a customer. Take a look at your competition's content and the audience they target. What expertise are they relying on? Are there any answers, topics, or alternative knowledge they might be neglecting? Dig into that expertise with your content and earn instant differentiation for your brand.

Content remains an integral piece to driving the overall growth of small businesses and helps level the digital playing field. It's not about finding the silver bullet to beat Google's algorithm or crafting the perfect click-bait headline sure to lure traffic – content is about connecting with the right people, offering something valuable, and keeping it real.

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