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Establishing Company Culture

What does work or organizational culture really mean? Culture includes the principles, values, and practices that a business or organization has set in its policies. This could include diversity, leadership styles, friendships in the workplace, how people spend their downtime at work, and much more.

Our Managing Partner, Frank Pagano, was asked recently by Fintech Magazine, "What's the single most imperative element to success in building a successful fintech that you've seen in your journey so far?" His answer? "Company culture, hands down. Our unique hiring practices and efforts to support a positive company culture is the reason we have been successful and the reason we are here today. We do not hire based on resume or experience in the payments space, and when you give people opportunities they would not have elsewhere, then provide them the support/tools to succeed, they buy in completely."

In September, VizyPay was named one of Iowa's Top Workplaces in 2022, earning that honor back-to-back years. One of the main reasons why? Our "uniquely people-first workplace culture."

It's no coincidence that as VizyPay has continued to grow over the last five years and the awards and recognition have continued to roll in, one constant always seems to be talked about; company culture.
Establishing the right company culture is essential to achieving high-performance results. If the culture is right at your small business, success will come with that.

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