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Why your business should be accepting mobile payments

        The days of shopping exclusively in-store are over, and businesses are being forced to adapt. In the current COVID-19 environment, customers expect flexibility and options when choosing how to pay for goods and services. Plus getting started is incredibly simple, you just need a phone or tablet with Bluetooth capabilities and a mobile swiper you can get right from your payments provider. Here we will break down why and how to start accepting mobile payments at your business.


Why you should have mobile payment capabilities at your business:

Adding mobile payments to your repertoire is proven to benefit your business in many ways, some of which include:

  • Quick adaptability. Nobody could have predicted COVID-19, but the businesses who were already set up with mobile payment options were the quickest to pivot their business plan. These businesses were immediately able to offer curbside service, delivery, and more by accepting payments on-the-go outside of their brick and mortar building. Having the ability to adapt quickly in an ever-changing world environment is crucial, and having the ability to accept mobile payments is just one way that you can plan ahead.
  • More revenue. When you accept mobile payments, you are no longer restricted to staying in your business and waiting for customers to find you. You now have the ability to attend events, trade shows, farmers markets, and more where you can accept all forms of payment if you choose.
  • Less paperwork. If your business offers on-site services, like plumbing or window treatments, you no longer have to worry about tracking invoices for each customer. Mobile payments allow you to accept payment from your customers immediately, reducing the headache of paper trails and missed payments.
  • Flexibility. If you’re having a huge rush of people in store, and the registers are backed up, having the ability for an associate to grab a mobile swiper and check out more customers is a game changer (think Black Friday or holiday shopping).


        In addition to the benefits mentioned above, when you set up mobile payments with VizyPay and our partnership with SwipeSimple we can also offer you these additional free services:

  • Access to a mobile and web online dashboard where you can track your sales, customer information, customer purchase history, and more. You can also easily export this information to Quickbooks, Excel, or other compatible third-party business management tools making tax time easier than ever
  • Access to the virtual terminal so you can take payment over the phone or right on your app if you don’t happen to have your mobile swiper with you
  • Ability to send invoices. Many businesses need to accept payments a variety of different ways, and the ability to send an invoice is a game changer especially in today’s environment. When you sign up with VizyPay, you also get this option as a way to go completely contactless when accepting payment.
  • Schedule future payments, offer installment payments, and set up recurring payments.


How to add mobile payments to your business:

        At the top of this page, click “Get Started” or send your name and e-mail to our Chat Bot in the lower righthand corner of your screen. From there somebody from our inside sales department will reach out to answer any questions you have and help get you set up with a mobile swiper. For more information on mobile payment options and capabilities, check out our mobile payments page.


Ready to get going? VizyPay has you covered!

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