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VizyPOS: An App To Disrupt The Payment Processing Industry

We have all wanted to change the world, no matter if it was as an astronaut, a doctor, an athlete, or whatever in between. This drive to create change is what drives the FinTech industry and why technology is an everlasting landscape. With one problem we see a hundred solutions and thus becomes an everlasting cycle. The payment processing & merchant service industry is no different. There are problems that technological solutions can solve. This is how VizyPOS was created.


VizyPOS: A POS & Payment Processing Solution

The app known as VizyPOS, was nearly a two-year-long project that has seen multiple problems overcome and solutions created from start to finish. In January of 2021, the app officially went live on the Pax app stores and was able to be used by the public. Since then we have seen many new updates, with a large one of January 2023 that rolled out that gave it a new sleek design and interface to make it look more fresh.

What is VizyPOS?

VizyPOS was created to help merchants streamline and manage all aspects of the payments process. Merchants (business owners) can upload their entire inventory of products or services and seamlessly manage them through the VizyPOS Portal. The goal was to instead of outsourcing these technologies, we developed them internally to give ourselves a competitive advantage and leverage in the market. Having the ability to offer an all-in-one service is the pinnacle for VizyPay. 

Our merchants can now have flexible POS systems or credit processing terminals that can ease transactions and shift from traditional payment terminals which will assist with reducing overhead costs. So not only do they save money, but they also can do it in one app instead of clicking through multiple ones to achieve the same thing.

Key Features:

  • Easy solution to process payments
  • Inventory management
  • Ability to run all payment processing programs
  • Reporting features
  • Digital receipts
  • Inventory/Stock tracking

Not only does VizyPOS have all features developed within it, but we also offer it for free on the app stores. The majority of other developers of similar apps in the payment processing industry & on the Pax app store put them behind a paywall. We want to save our merchants and small business owners, not require them to pay more.


The Future for VizyPOS

Updates and changes will be always be coming for the app like any other ones. From quality improvements, appearance, and adding new features- the possibilities for this app are endless. As app developers always say, its never finished. We are driven to perfect the app so we can become the pioneers of changing the payment processing space. You could potentially even see the app on more platforms as well in the future.

The base of it all is to make everything simple; be able to process payments, batch correctly, accurate reporting, and keep everything seamless and all in one app while saving our merchants and SBO's money. 

As of now, we can say that has been done but be on the lookout for new updates that are constantly improving the app.

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