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Tips from the Top Part 5: A Des Moines Partner

VizyPay was founded with small business owners in mind and we take great pride in offering programs that truly help small businesses across the country. Our talented sales partners help connect our unique programs with businesses in their area. Although we are confident in our processing programs, competitive pay plans, and unbeatable support, we understand that starting a commission-only sales role can be intimidating.

To help you out, we interviewed a handful of our top agents to get some feedback on how they got started in the industry, what makes them so successful, and why they chose VizyPay. Whether you are considering this position, are an existing sales partner with us, or are a merchant of ours, we hope this helps give you some insight into the sales role and the messages we give our employees. We are truly here to help small businesses and our sales partners succeed.

Today’s partner spotlight is somebody who works right here in our home city of Des Moines, Iowa. His initials are MC, and here is what he had to say about the position.


Q: When did you get started in this industry?

MC: I got started in the Industry 2 years ago. I was looking for something part time at first to make a little extra money.


Q: Did you have any hesitations about this industry? If so, what helped you overcome them?

MC: I did have some hesitations at first, I used to be in the bar and restaurant business, I hated credit card reps! They always seemed to tell me how much money they would save me if I switched over to their company...only to find out it was always the same poor service, over promised savings that never came... I never wanted to be one of those guys. It was simple to overcome, once I really learned about VizyPay and fully understood all of the programs I realized how different we are. I actually got to help people, I helped them save real money and for some it was enough to save their business. Seeing my customers succeed is the driving force behind me that moved me overcome any hesitations.


Q: What was business like when you first started?

MC: When I first started, I started slow and really eased myself into the business. I needed to fully understand and believe in what I was selling. Once I saw the success of my first few clients and how easy this was, business boomed for me.


Q: How do you generate new leads?

MC: My leads are self-generated, I get a lot of referrals and that makes it an easy conversation to have. I look for places that I can talk to the main decision makers, locally owned businesses that I can actually get in front of. I am always looking for opportunities so networking is key, looking at my contacts, and people I normally do business with personally was a good start for me.


Q: How has your approach changed from when you started to now?

MC: My approach is the same, I haven’t changed much... my pitch is just more polished and that happens naturally with time and understanding the needs and objections people have when you talk to them.


Q: How soon did you start getting referrals? What does that look like now?

MC: Referrals came quickly for me. Just like the sale, you have to ask for them... when someone signs up and starts doing business with VizyPay it's fresh on their minds, so they will think of at least one or two referrals easily if you just ask. The other thing sales reps have to do is stop in and check up on them, 9 times out of 10 they never need anything from us, but knowing that they can count on me helps with the number of referrals I get. 


Q: What is your relationship like with a merchant after the sale?

MC: I am in constant contact with my merchants, I make myself available to them. They know they can call or text me anytime and I always make them feel like their business is VizyPay's most important client. Big or small each of our clients deserve the very best in service from us.


Q: What do you do to set yourself apart from other people in the field?

MC: I think what sets me apart from others in this field is my life experiences, I’m not just a credit card sales rep...I was once a business owner just like them, with the same worries they have. I also have a marketing background that allows me to help them plan for what they can do to invest their savings back into their business and help it grow even more. During the start of COVID, my role switched from sales rep, to someone they could count on helping them come up with ideas to keep their business moving forward.


Q: What made you choose VizyPay?

MC: It was a simple choice for me, this was different than anything else I had seen before, it actually made a difference in peoples’ lives. When you can make a great living and help people... really help people... it’s a no-brainer.


Q: What is the best overall advice you would give to someone just starting out?

MC: My best advice I would pass on is simple, you have to work your business to grow your business. You can’t expect for things to happen unless you make them happen. You will get turned away, lose deals and have “no’s” along the way, just remember no deal is dead in our business, if they didn’t sign up today, they will at some point.

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