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Tips from the Top Part 2: An Interview with a Sales Partner

Founded with small business owners in mind, VizyPay takes great pride in offering programs that are beneficial to small businesses across the United States. Our talented sales partners help connect our unique programs with businesses in their area. While we’re confident in our processing programs, competitive pay plans, and unbeatable support, we know starting a commission-only sales role can be intimidating. We interviewed a handful of our top agents to get some feedback on how they got started in the industry, what makes them so successful, and why they chose VizyPay, in order to provide more insight into roles within the industry.

Follow our multi-part series where we interview the best of the best to give you some insight into how to succeed as a sales partner with VizyPay! Each person we interviewed tells a completely different story about how they first discovered this industry and how they found success. In part one, we talked with Michele Germain to learn about her background and industry experience. Next in our series is a sales partner who prefers to remain anonymous. His initials are JG, and he got his start in California.


Q: How did you get started in the sales industry?

JG: My girlfriend at the time was helping me job hunt and I sent my resume to a company that was hiring in my area for telesales credit card processing. I started out part time and really got the most exposure to the industry a few months later when I started working with Austin Mac Nab within that company. He set the bar high and put me to work, but it was the best boot camp ever! His training prepared me for a lot of different things, both business and personal.


Q: Did you have any hesitations about this industry? If so, what helped you overcome them?

JG: I had plenty of hesitation about credit card processing because I had never done any sales at all, especially sales over the phone, which was how I first started in the industry. My background was customer service and retail, so I was comfortable talking to people but had never been in a role where I had to be leader, a teacher and a therapist all at once. I will admit, wearing all of those hats was definitely overwhelming. What helped me overcome any hesitation I had about moving forward was one thing: the confidence I had in Austin and his ability to guide me on the way. If it wasn’t for him believing in me and offering the best training, I don’t think I would be where I am today.


Q: What was business like when you first started?

JG: When I first started, I was horrible. If you could compare my sales conversations from back then to how I talk now, you wouldn't know it was the same guy! I could barely hold a conversation with anyone over the phone because I would let them overpower me and control the conversation. As time went by, I learned how to control the flow, so it was no longer a one-way conversation.


Q: How do you generate new leads?

JG: At first I started off with the people I felt comfortable with, a few places that I liked to shop, and my own friends and family. I recommend if you go to a local spot once a week, then start off there. If you love talking about cars, then go to auto repair shops or auto lots to talk to these merchants because you will feel comfortable in familiar territory. You can also go to www.manta.com and search certain verticals, like hair salons or barber shops in your specific city. This is a good tool because not only can you find the business, but you can also get the owner’s name and phone number. It’s a great tool that I use a lot!


Q: How has your approach changed from when you started to now?

JG: My approach has changed quite a bit. I listen more and talk less so that I can analyze what their specific needs are and respond accordingly. I think at first, I made the mistake of forcing my sales message without really listening to what they needed, but if you listen to them, they’ll tell you their pain points and that is your opportunity to fix them with your services. My approach now allows me to be calmer during my conversations and let them tell me what they need, rather than me try to tell them.


Q: How soon did you start getting referrals? What does that look like now?

JG: I feel like it took me some time to get some referrals and a lot of that had to do with maturing. Over the last few years, clients have referred me more clients to work with because they feel the love and support. VizyPay takes care of their clients before, during, and after the sale which is a huge part of why referrals have been more and more frequent.


Q: What is your relationship with a merchant after a sale?

JG: The relationship with the merchant should not end at the sale. I recommend doing a follow up if you are ever in the neighborhood and reaching out at least once a month whether through a text, quick email or in person visit. You never know if you could have a referral waiting for you unless you keep communication open. Also, if you do not reach consistently to the merchant, at least once a month, you will never know if they are being approached by a competitor or are having problems.


Q: What do you do to set yourself apart from other people in the field?

JG: Support and education are the two biggest things that separate me from the competition. It is important to constantly keep supporting your merchant. I know our Support team is on stand-by at all hours to help them out which really strengthens my relationship with them too. Educating the merchant on the programs, company, and yourself will not only build trust with them, but it will also prepare the merchant, so they know what to look out for when approached by competitors.


Q: What made you choose VizyPay?

JG:  I have been in the industry for over 13 years with many different companies which has shown me the good, the bad and the ugly. VizyPay has definitely shown me the GOOD. The leadership aligns hand in hand with the values that I personally live by, so I feel like it is a perfect business partnership.


Q: What’s the best overall advice you would give to someone just starting out?

JG: The best advice I would give you is to keep things as simple as possible and communicate. Take it one step at a time as you are learning and put each thing you learn into action.


To hear from more VizyPay sales experts, read parts one, three, four, and five of this series, and browse the rest of our blog for additional information that can benefit your business!  

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