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4 Simple Tips on How To Compete With Big-Box Retailers

The dream of starting your own business seems impossible until it isn't. We've compiled a list of ways to compete with big-box stores and solidify your business. within your community.


1. Creating a Unique Product

As a small business owner, competing with big-box retailers will be hard. However, you can undoubtedly compete by investing in high-quality products and materials. Create a unique and quality service or product that you can't find on the shelves of Walmart or Costco. Additionally, create a unique and memorable atmosphere for your customers. Big-box retailers are designed to churn customers in and out of their stores daily.   


2. Customer Service

Double down on providing unrivaled customer service. Often times big box stores are more focused on volume than anything else. Create a loyalty program that entices customers to return to your store, and help you better serve them. Operating in a smaller setting allows you to connect with your customers personally. Take time to learn their names and make them feel at home. 


3. Get Involved  

Get involved within your community to not only network but also to help build brand awareness. A couple of examples of this would be sponsoring a local team or event. Anything you can do involving outreach will be beneficial for your business


4. Social Media

Being a small business owner, you have total control of your social media presence. Having a strong presence online can be highly beneficial for your brand awareness. The more platforms your business is on the more outreach you'll have. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the big three. Utilize your platforms by engaging with your followers by offering contests, giveaways, and promos. 


For more resources and information on all things small business-related, be sure to check out our resources page, and always, remember to look local first. 





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