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What is Cash Discount 2.0? 5 Benefits You’ve Never Thought of Before

You've seen it before: business owners offer a discount if you pay with cash or check instead of using your credit card. It isn't an entirely new concept, but what is new is VizyPay's way of implementing it.

What is Cash Discount 2.0?

Cash Discount 2.0 helps business owners build the cost to accept cards into their pricing, allowing them to maintain the same profit margin on every sale regardless of payment type. When a customer pays with a card, VizyPay's technology automatically isolates the processing fee included in the price and applies it to the business's processing cost. Business owners can eliminate 100% of processing fees and never worry about an unpredictable monthly statement again while operating within card network guidelines.

Still curious if Cash Discount 2.0 is right for your business? Read on to hear the five ways your business can benefit that you might not have thought of before.

1. No more unpredictable processing bills

Instead of dreading what amount will be deducted from your bank account at the end of the month, our cash discount program reduces that expense to as low as $25/month. We keep it simple. You can process an unlimited amount of credit cards for a flat, month-to-month subscription determined by your average processing volume. Your business is locked into that subscription price at onboarding, meaning your cost will never go up, even as your processing volume does.


2. No tacky signage required

Because there are no surprises for your customers on pricing, what they see is what they pay; there is no signage required stating customers who pay with cards have to pay more. Instead, you could display signage that notifies customers that they can save money if they choose to pay with cash. We all love a good discount!


3. No "service charge" or any line item on the receipt

We all understand the importance of accepting credit cards, but nobody wants to feel penalized for using their card. VizyPay's cash discount program eliminates friction at checkout by working with your business to incorporate the processing fee into your displayed prices ahead of time. The only line item a customer might see is a discount if you choose to offer one for customers who pay with cash.


4. Peace of mind for your customers and your employees

Customers don't feel deceived due to being charged more than the price displayed, which often occurs with similar programs from competitors. Plus, hourly workers will not be forced to explain the complexities of credit card processing on the fly to frustrated customers.


5. Empower customers and stand out from competitors

Providing the option for consumers to pay with card or offering an opportunity to save money with a cash discount can be just the edge your business needs to stand out from competitors. And, perhaps even more importantly, keep customers coming back and feel empowered to spend more, knowing they are getting a discount at your business.



Every penny counts for small businesses, and credit card processing solutions that don't cut into already razor-thin margins are more critical than ever for business owners. Thankfully, sellers looking to avoid the burden of costly fees can benefit from VizyPay’s cash discount program while maximizing profits on all sales and eliminating unpredictable statements each month.


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