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Payments industry out of control!

The payments industry is out of control and each year it just gets worse and worse when it comes to payments companies ripping merchants off.  Either by training their agents to maximize the company’s profits in a way that's dishonest and a newer agent blindly doing so, not knowing the difference...

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A New Payment Processing Company & Why it Matters

 Managing Partner Austin Mac Nab discusses credit card processing with Insight on Business - The News Hour last evening and how VizyPay plans on changing the payments industry. #payments#vizypay#smallbusiness #smallbiz  

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Working Capital

Tiered vs Interchange, you deserve to know!

You as the business owner should know this!

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woman paying with card

Accept Credit Cards Today!

A Program Built for Small Businesses: Get more out of your business with a program designed exclusively for small business owners to eliminate up to 100% of their processing fees.

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