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VizyPay Announces Innovative New Program to Offset Fees

                 Let’s face it, as a business owner you are BUSY. Whether it’s keeping up with inventory, managing payroll, billing clients, you have a long list of things to accomplish throughout the month while trying to remain as profitable as possible. So, when that dreaded credit card processing bill arrives every month you try not to dwell on it. It's just another part of owning a business right? Your processing salesperson assures you they've hooked you up with the best rate, and they haven’t royally messed anything up yet, so you have no reason to shop around. Plus, you don’t have the time to spend attempting to compare the rates and fees of each company. So as a busy business owner, you’ll settle for your current company despite that dreaded monthly bill. You’ve heard of this new trend “Cash Discounting” but your customers are different, and you know they wouldn’t be happy to see a 4% service charge on their bill. As much as you would LOVE to reduce your bill to $25 per month, you just can’t charge your customers a 4% fee.

What if there was a brand-new way to implement Cash Discounting in your business that would actually make your customers happy? 



              How could that possibly work? The answer is simple. RAISE your prices by 4%. VizyPay's unique technology isolates the 4% increase and immediately applies that to your processing bill, reducing it to a flat, low fee for unlimited processing (as low as $25!). Using this program, you no longer have to worry about all the miscellaneous fees, rate increases, and confusion on the back end. The new Cash Discount program allows you to have customers cover their own fees while making them blissfully unaware that it's happening. The program also replaces the need for service fees, obnoxious signage, and any other evidence that would indicate to a customer that they are paying more with a credit card. In place of that, when you raise your prices by 4%, the price they see on the menu or item in your store is the amount they are charged at the register. When you’re partnered with VizyPay, 4% is isolated from the credit card sale immediately so you won’t pay MORE in fees or pay money on money. (Which is why simply raising your prices on your own does not accomplish the same thing as the Cash Discount program with VizyPay would.) Plus, you can offer a 4% discount to customers who want to pay with cash- and don't worry, our technology will do that math for you with the simple click of a button! 

              The key to this program is how you present it. Take off your business owner hat for a minute and put on your buyer hat. If you decide to buy a $20 shirt, you could be pretty annoyed when you look at the receipt and see an additional 4% service fee was charged just because you paid with your credit card. On the flip side, let's say you're shopping for the same shirt but see the price is marked $20.80 from the beginning. You're probably still buying that shirt and most likely don't even pay attention to the $0.80. When you get up to the register, the cashier tells you he can drop it down to an even $20 if you pay with cash. Cool! The overall experience will then be a positive one, everybody loves a discount but nobody likes to be charged more. The psychology behind a receiving a discount vs. being charged more is what makes all the difference, which is why the new Cash Discount program is so great and works well with ALL price ranges. "Mrs. Customer the bill for your landscaping project is $6,240 but if you pay cash or check we’ll give it to you for $6,000." Sold!  



Benefits to Cash Discount 2.0:

  • You no longer have to worry about a processing bill that is perpetually more expensive because of bi-annual rate increases. That is now OUR problem.
  • NO signage stating customers who pay with cards will pay more. A simple sign showing the cards that you accept will replace that. Or if you choose to offer a cash discount, your signage will look like this.
  • NO “service charge” or any line item on the receipt to indicate card paying customers pay more
  • NO fluctuating, unpredictable monthly bill. You will now pay as low as $25/month for unlimited processing
  • VizyPay's technology isolates your 4% price increase at the time of the sale so you won't pay more in fees, or pay money on money
  • At your discretion, a discount up to 4% can be offered to cash paying customers. If no discount is given, you can profit more on cash sales
  • Automated terminal will apply discounts for you on cash transactions
  • 100% compliant and legal in all 50 states
  • Encourages your customers to pay with cash
  • No long term contracts!


        We understand that new things are scary, which is why we don’t make you sign a long-term contract. You can try Cash Discount 2.0 to see how it works in your business without worry, and switch back to traditional processing at any time. (We will even match or beat the rate you had previously!) We have piloted Cash Discount 2.0 and it is proven successful. Which means we already know your main concerns, and we’ve addressed them right here!

 Goodbye confusing processing fees, dreadful processing bill that seems to constantly go up, and long-term contracts.

Hello simplicity!



However, this is not intended as legal/accounting advice, and we encourage you to consult with your own legal/accounting counsel about these issues.