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How To Make Giving Easier Than Ever For Your Donors

              Have you ever been in church or at a fundraising event and realized that you forgot to bring your checkbook? Have you visited an organization’s website intending to donate, but found the process so complicated that you gave up halfway through? We often have the best intentions for...

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How to Find the Best Credit Card Processing Company for Your Business

Congratulations! You're chasing your dream of owning a business, or you've decided to start comparing vendors to find the best credit card processing company. No matter which you are, it's safe to say credit card processing isn't your sweet spot. It can be tempting to sign up with the first or...

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6 Ways to Support Small Businesses Without Leaving Your Living Room

It goes without saying that it’s a crazy time in the world right now. For a foodie like myself with a long—and I mean LONG—list of favorite places to eat in our city, I am incredibly worried about them surviving so I can dine in once again. Luckily, many of these places (including local shops, not...

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What is credit card processing?

          Credit card processing is a complicated and ever-changing industry… so whether you are starting your own business, interested in getting into the credit card processing industry, or just want to be informed, this blog is for you!

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Look Local First: Make Shopping Local Into a Lifestyle!

Think about your favorite place to spend a long weekend: what do you love about going there? You'll probably say things like the weather or a change of scenery, but you'll probably also mention the local restaurants and shopping that help to make your trip a complete and unique experience. Small...

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Square Customers: Suddenly Feel Like You’re Paying More?

Do you suddenly feel like your bill with Square has gone up? Well there is a good reason for it: a major change to its pricing structure! Square has historically offered a flat rate of 2.75% to all of clients for credit card processing, no matter the card type or transaction amount. However, in an...

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Austin Mac Nab: The VizyPay Entrepreneur on Craving Success

It's easy to say that all people desire some form of prosperity, whether that be buying a home in the suburbs, maintaining a financially stable job, or rising to high social status. The correlation between a wealthy upbringing and future success is undeniable. Growing up at the forefront of every...

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VizyPay Launches 'Look Local First' to Support Small Businesses

During the holiday season, shopping is often on the top of everybody’s to-do list. Finding unique, meaningful gifts for the special people in your life can be such a challenge in a world taken over by big-box retailers all selling the same mass-produced products. It’s so easy to grab a gift card to...

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Pizza Delivery

A Restaurant Owner's Guide To Delivery Apps and Mobile Food Ordering

            Just when you thought your restaurant couldn’t get any busier- here comes mobile ordering and meal delivery services! The last thing you want to do during a lunch or dinner rush is keep track of mobile and delivery orders coming in, especially since they are likely coming in from a...

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