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The Wise Marketer

Introducing VizyPay: A New Breed Among Payment Processors

Fintech News

VizyPay advocates for small business owners with look local first initiative, helping merchants rebuild during COVID-19

The Green Sheet

VizyPay Launches Look Local First Initiative, Helping SMBs Rebuild During COVID-19

The Green Sheet

Cash Discounting 2.0 a potential game changer

Business Insider

VizyPay Launches First Cash Discount App for Clover POS Systems


The escalating adaptability imperative for small business

Fintech Finance

Leading payment processing company, VIZYPAY, wins three Stevie® awards in the 2020 American Business Awards®

Authority Magazine

How Austin Mac Nab & VizyPay Plan to Rebuild in the Post COVID Economy

The Green Sheet

ISO's, MLS's rise to COVID-19 challenges

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