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The Green Sheet -...

VizyPay Launches Look Local First Initiative, Helping SMBs Rebuild During COVID-19

The Green Sheet -...

Cash Discounting 2.0 a potential game changer

Business Insider

VizyPay Launches First Cash Discount App for Clover POS Systems

Business.com -...

The escalating adaptability imperative for small business

Fintech Finance

Leading payment processing company, VIZYPAY, wins three Stevie® awards in the 2020 American Business Awards®

Authority Magazine

How Austin Mac Nab & VizyPay Plan to Rebuild in the Post COVID Economy

The Green Sheet -...

ISO's, MLS's rise to COVID-19 challenges

CC Sales Pro

Cash Discounting Compliance for the Future

Fintech News -...

Transforming credit card processing with less unpredictability and complexity and more transparency

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