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Let’s build something that lasts.

VizyPay aims to level the playing field for small to medium-sized businesses through transparent pricing, personal customer support, and innovative payment technology. When partnering with VizyPay, you can expect we will care for your customers, just like you do.

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What does it look like to partner with VizyPay?

When you partner with VizyPay you can be certain your clients are receiving the best possible payment solutions for them.

No long-term contracts for our partners or your clients- we want to earn your partnership every day.

All of our partners receive training and the marketing collateral needed to help educate and understand the options we provide.

A dedicated sales team to ensure the longevity of the partnership, including in-house customer/tech support and underwriting to guarantee their clients are taken care of. You will never have to take the time to problem-solve for this partnership.

What are the benefits of a partnership with VizyPay? What's in it for me?

Our cash discount program can generate 3-5x more revenue for your company compared to traditional forms of processing for referral partners. Partnering with a transparent payment processor that will help you educate and provide the materials needed. No extra work for you and your team.

How is VizyPay different than other payment processors?

Transparency, being built by small business owners, we can relate to the small business community & build solutions tailored to their needs & the needs of their clients. We focus on personalized service to earn your partnership each and every day.

Benefits and Features


Dedicated sales team

Our team will give you the training and materials you need to educate your clients, no extra work for your team.


Support in 30 seconds or less

When you or your client have a problem we want to solve it. Our dedicated team will help you through any issue in a timely manner.

No Long-Term Commitments Icon

No long-term commitments

We want to earn your partnership each and every day, which is why we don’t believe in contracts.


Generate more revenue

Our Cash Discount program can generate 3-5x more revenue for your company compared to traditional processing.

"From quick application approval turnaround to a thorough onboarding process, VizyPay has gone above and beyond to ensure our clients' payment processing needs are met. In addition to providing outstanding customer service, they also provide each client with a live demo of the products they choose. The knowledge they have of each program and product they have has been an excellent way to provide our clients with the tools they need. They also don't take a one size fits all approach and work hard to ensure clients have the right program and equipment to meet their processing needs. VizyPay's transparency and dedication to the merchant experience make it very easy for us to highly recommend them."

Mike Bahnsen - VP of Business Development, Clear Lake Bank

VizyPay Referral Partner

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