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Virtual & E-Commerce

 Authorize.net, and USAePAY. Process online payments, use a Virtual Terminal, and swipe through your smartphone.

VizyPay Virtual Terminal

  • Accept Credit/Debit Card Payments via Swipe or Manual Entry
  • Easily Send Customizable E-mail Receipts• Easily Issue Refunds
  • Access Full Transaction History
  • Swipe Securely with Encrypted ID-Tech Card Readers (Mobile only)
  • Signature CapturePlus you can also use all of these great abilities:
  • Complete Transaction Reporting – Including from other users on your account
  • Add/Edit/Delete Account Users and Permissions
  • Robust Recurring Billing Module
  • Add/Edit/Delete Customizable Email Receipts
  • Create and Edit Hosted Payment Pages
  • Cash Discount available
  • $50 Set Up & $15/month
Vizypay Virtual Terminal

Authorize.net Merchant Account

There’s a reason Authorize.net is a household name in the payments industry. They’ve developed a reputation for being easy to use, cost effective, and they provide numerous ways for you to easily take payments and manage your business. $49 Set Up Cost $15/month + $0.05

  • Take payments directly through your website
  • Use a Virtual Terminal to “key in” transactions you receive over the phone or in the mail
  • Take EMV (chip) cards or swipe through your smartphone or tablet
  • Setup automatic, recurring payments so that you can “set it and forget it”
  • Accept Level-2 data to further reduce your processing fees
  • Integrate Apple Pay processing into your website and mobile app

USAePay Mobile Solutions Merchant Account

Accepting credit cards made simple $49 Set Up Cost $15/month + $0.05

USAePay can help merchants grow their business by accepting credit card payments on the go. Let your business expand by processing secure payments through your smartphone or tablet.

USAePay E-commerce Solutions

Integrated with most major shopping carts

USAePay works with several well-known shopping carts that allow merchants to accept credit cards through their website. Accepting credit cards online has several advantages that a merchant can benefit from such as advanced web-based payment gateway integration to any shopping cart, and Level 1 PCI compliant security.

USAePay Point-of-Sale

Increase efficiency, boost profit, and control your business.

A Point of sale (POS) payment solution is ideal for merchants who own retail stores. USAePay helps retail storeowners accept safe and secure credit cards payments through industry leading POS systems.

USAePay Mail and Phone Orders (MOTO)

The Mail and telephone order (MOTO) payment solution is ideal for companies that process payments over a phone or by mail. Using USAePay’s MOTO payment processing services helps merchants to accept secure and safe payments over the telephone or by mail.

USAePay Niche Market (Recommended for Invoicing & Virtual Terminal)

Industry leading companies in different niche markets have integrated with USAePay’s payment gateway to process secure and safe payments. We have the ability and methods of integrating with cloud-based POS systems that cater to specific niche markets.