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Ramblings of an ISO…

When we created VizyPay, our goal was to create a company that is fully transparent and without any hidden agenda. Of course, we want to make a living but won’t allow the power and authority we have to price our clients outweigh doing it the right way and still being able to make a profit. Creating a payments world that competes within margins that are fair to all business owners not just some.

As we begin this journey, we know we are on the right track of making a big difference in the payments world. From years of watching sales reps and companies take advantage of small business owners, we know there must be a change.  It may be against the industry norm the way we are doing it, but we truly don’t care.  There needs to be a disruption, or the ways of our business will continue to eat away the much-earned profits from small business owners.

The enormous amount of money that small businesses must pay towards interchange and dues and assessments is bad enough. Not to mention the outrageous monthly, and annual fees companies charge.  Oh, but wait, there is more!  The high mark ups along with bait and switch tactics that our industry is known for, but nobody does anything about.

Hence the reason we cap our sales partners on what they can charge, not only on equipment but on pricing the merchant account itself. Forcing surrounding competitors to compete within our bubble not the uncapped current bubbles that are currently out there.

Change is coming…. “Simple Pricing. Simple Decisions.”

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