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Payments industry out of control!

The payments industry is out of control and each year it just gets worse and worse when it comes to payments companies ripping merchants off.  Either by training their agents to maximize the company’s profits in a way that's dishonest and a newer agent blindly doing so, not knowing the difference or maybe it's the agents themselves always wanting to hit a home run on every deal (increasing their residuals bottom line unfairly).  Let’s not forget the bait and switch, sign them up at low rates and BAM, your rates go up in all the places where the small business owners won’t look!

Welcome to the out of control payments business!  Who pays the price?  Not only just the small business owner, but ALL the good companies/agents out there (which is a small portion of a HUGE business). Small business owners get hit left and right with fees, and up charges while the good companies/agents get to be known as bad news when they walk in the door attempting to do honest business.

VizyPay was created for this reason. Our team members, along with our website, prove we want to be transparent and upfront. Until next time!

“Simple Pricing. Simple Decisions”

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