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Guilty by Association

When you are in the payments business, especially on the door to door sales side that is exactly what you are pegged as walking into a small business. The second they know you are in the payments business they automatically will lump you in with all the bad experiences they have encountered over the years, or horrors stories from friends and family. You are guilty by association period. No matter how good your intentions are.
Unfortunately, we are in a business that has continued to produce uneducated, fast moving, selfish agents and companies across the USA thinking about only their bottom line with no thought on how it can impact the small business owner long term.  Don’t get me wrong, not ALL agents/companies are like that nor do I think a company should not make a fair profit for providing fair pricing and superb support to their clients. But something has to change, and we need to separate ourselves quickly from the bad ones soon by leading by example.
Being guilty by association is not fun. Majority of the time it's very unfair for those truly trying to be transparent, honest, and upfront with the business owner. Trying to set them up properly, without all the hidden charges (that they avoid talking about, or were never educated on by the company they work for) or hidden agendas to take advantage of the owner.
At the end of the day change is coming. We need to work on a way to police our own industry or someone else will.  It starts with ISO’s and their downline making a difference with each client by being completely transparent, with no surprises.  Meaning, all annual monthly fee mark ups are disclosed, with no hesitation on pricing for equipment and some type of internal cap/regulation on rates and fees. Losing a sale by being honest (with what you are charging) is much better than losing a sale down the road from dishonesty or untrained reps in the field. It hurts all of us.
Let’s end this Guilty by Association crap soon, or we won’t ever be able to enjoy the industry that is all so necessary in today’s world.  Business owners deserve better, and quickly!
“Simple Pricing. Simple Decisions.”

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