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Virtual Options

Posted by VizyPay on Mar 7, 2020 2:13:05 AM

Virtual Terminal

Sync your online, mobile, and
in-store sales with VizyPay.

Do you offer products or services online or need to accept online transactions? Our team will consult with you to find the best virtual terminal or online platform that allows your business to process payments seamlessly and stay on the forefront of technology. View Pricing >

Ease of integration.

Our flexibility, allows us to easily integrate with almost any online payment platform.

Maximum security.

We offer the highest level of security to protect your business and your clients’ information against data thieves.

Top-rated support.

When you have a question, you shouldn't have to wait. Our top-rated support team is standing by to speak with you in 30 seconds or less.

Need help finding what online solutions are
best for your business?