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Services Overview

Posted by VizyPay on Mar 7, 2020 2:21:42 AM

Services Overview

Whether it's mobile, online or storefront,
VizyPay has payment solutions for your business.

POS Solutions

In-person payments solutions for your business. View our top of the line POS options.

VizyPay makes taking mobile payments easy. View on-the-go payment solutions.

VizyPay's virtual terminal makes it easy to accept payments online.

Whether you are new to accepting credit cards or want to switch to a partner you can trust, VizyPay has unique solutions to fit every business's needs.

  • Seamless transition - Our team will provide a seamless install at no cost to you.
  • Walkthrough - Once the POS is installed, a specialist will walk you through how to operate the system.
  • Support when you need it - We understand problems arise, we have a team to assist you around the clock.
  • Free consultation - A member of our Tech Support Team will narrow down your options to find the best POS fit for your business.

Need help finding what POS solutions are
best for your business? We'll help you out.

Working Capital

Solutions for funding your business.

VizyPay offers quick and trusted solutions for funding for your business.We are dedicated to helping you grow and improve your business without the fees and processing of a bank loan. Learn More >

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Mobile Options

Posted by VizyPay on Mar 7, 2020 2:18:58 AM


Accept card payments on the go with the
SwipeSimple Mobile card reader.

A Simpler
Way to Accept

  • EMV Quick Chip for fast chip transactions
  • Contactless payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Magnetic stripe for legacy cards
  • Accept credit card payments anywhere with a SwipeSimple card reader or on almost any iOS or Android mobile device with the powerful yet intuitive SwipeSimple Mobile App.
  • $99 for the swiper + $10/month

Test drive the Virtual Terminal

SwipeSimple Online Dashboard allows merchants to send receipts via text or email, save customer information, set recurring payments, invoice clients, export to Quickbooks, views sales reports and inventory level.

Need help finding what POS solutions are
best for your business? We'll help you out.

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