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RUSH: A Contactless, Customizable Online Ordering Platform

Enhance your customers' restaurant experience with this user-friendly purchasing system and built-in loyalty program.



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What is Rush?

To put it simply, RUSH is the marketing, ordering, and payment solution your restaurant needs. The online platform provides a single, contactless location for customers to browse your menu, place an order, submit a payment, choose their pickup preference, and more! As people spend more time enjoying their favorite foods at home, this type of system is key in allowing them to easily and safely grab their next meals.

A Streamlined Platform to Boost Online Sales

Restaurants and small businesses experience tough times, but we want to make it as convenient as possible to keep your operations running smoothly and encourage customers to shop - and eat - locally! Similar to apps like Grubhub and DoorDash, RUSH gives people an easy way to browse their options and pick their orders when they want. Instead of accepting orders through email or social media messages, the process is simplified and successful. But it doesn't stop there! The platform is also a great way to grow your brand's online presence and customer base without breaking the bank.



Benefits for Your Business

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Increased Revenue

Stop giving third-party delivery apps more of your profit. Instead of wasting up to 30% of each order, we let you keep all of your profits! We don't take any commission, so all the money goes straight to your business

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A Customizable App

RUSH is completely customizable to your restaurant. You can change the design to match the branding of your business, and even choose a unique name that's specific to your app! This is also a great place for customers to keep track of their points, offers, and deals.

Benefits for Your Customers

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Online Ordering and Payment

Give your customers a solution that lets them conveniently place orders and pay online, without the risk of employee's human error in the ordering process. Now, customers can choose exactly what they want and submit their payment without having to call your restaurant.

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Easily Available

Your app will be readily available in millions of pockets through Apple's App Store and Google Play. With the press of a button from wherever they are, customers will be able to access everything your business has to offer!

Start a Rewards Program

Your customers deserve a treat! Give them more of an incentive to purchase from you with a customized rewards program. Through your app, you can allow people to pay online - by loading money into their e-wallet or using a credit card - and offer rewards like special offers or coupons that they can earn when they order. This way, you can attract and engage more customers while offering perks to brighten their days.

  • Attract new customers
  • Offer enticing deals
  • Encourage repeat business

Convenient Features

  • Appointment booking and table reservation system
  • Online and mobile ordering with contactless payment options
  • Unlimited push notifications, text messages, and email updates
  • Customer profile and in-app customer review functionality
  • Friend referral program
  • Order ahead and curbside pickup options
  • $99 per month with a $299 setup fee

Ready to RUSH? We're here to help you and your customers thrive.