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Send an Account to VizyPay

Do you want to send a merchant to VizyPay? We’ll happily compensate you $100 for your efforts, once the account signs up and begins processing.

Send a Merchant to VizyPay, get $100

It’s that simple. We appreciate when our clients and partners spread the word about VizyPay, and want to make it easy for you to make a referral. If you have a friend or business who you think could benefit from VizyPay's services, we welcome you to quickly fill out our online form. If the merchant signs up and begins processing, you’ll get a $100 check!

How it Works?

Complete the Send a Merchant to VizyPay form. You’ll get an email confirmation, and it’s required that you fill out this form to receive credit for your referral. You can’t refer your own merchant account, and merchants already in our systems aren’t eligible. Once the referred merchant signs up for an account and processes at least $1,000, VizyPay will pay a $100 referral bonus for your efforts!

Referral bonuses are paid 2 months after an account signs up and begins processing payments. So, an account that is approved in March and starts processing in April will be paid out in early July. Payments take time in our industry, so be patient! We’ll notify you via email when one of your referrals converts, and send you a check to the address supplied in the form.