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Proprietary Technology

Payment processing technology made specifically for small to mid-sized businesses

VizyPOS for PAX

Streamline and manage all aspects of the payments process

VizyPay's all-in-one payment processing application for PAX devices allows your business to streamline transactions and provide data-driven insights, completely eliminating the need for expensive cash registers.


  • Upload and rank your entire inventory of products
  • Easily manage through the VizyPOS portal
  • Merchant inventory ranking system
  • Accessible transaction analytics
  • Cash Discount Program implementation
  • Split tender capabilities
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VizyPOS Merchant Portal

Built for function and ease of use

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  • Sales and batch overviews
  • Item performance and inventory reporting tools
  • Quick access to recent transactions 

Merchant Settings

  • Merchant profile
  • Receipt and notification settings

Product and Inventory

  • Easily add or import products or services
  • Update products, pricing, and categories in real-time
  • Extensive profit reporting on top-performing items
  • Adjust pricing for our cash discount program automatically 

The Pax Family

Pax A80

Pax A60

Pax A920

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True Cash Discount App for Clover

Let our app to do math for you


VizyPay's award-winning True Cash Discount app for Clover POS systems is flexible and transparent, empowering small businesses to take control of their credit card processing, eliminate unpredictable fees and save money.


  • Easily implement the Cash Discount program through your Clover POS
  • Incentivizes cash payments
  • Automated price increase
  • Seamlessly sync inventory and integrated reports
  • In-app "Call Me" option for quick contact with support
  • Free when processing with VizyPay
  • Available in the Clover App Market

It's Time To Love Your Payment Processor!