Clover Accessories

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Accessory Details

Read on to learn about each Clover Accessory in detail.

Swivel Stand (Mini only)

The Clover Mini is designed to stay “in place” on your countertop. However, you can easily add a swivel-stand for additional functionality! With the swivel included, your Clover Mini instantly becomes “customer facing” so that you can quickly spin the unit towards the customer for PIN-debit entry, or to request email/phone number information. Sales become even quicker with the swivel stand.

  • Includes mounting hardware to permanently secure the Mini to your countertop
  • Use optional “sticky feet” to mount without permanent holes being drilled
  • Includes a security lock
  • Swivels a full 180 degrees for easy customer access
  • $99 each

FD-40 PinPad (Station only)

The FD-40 allows merchants using the Clover Station to easily accept all payment types. The Clover station only allows for swiped sales as an “out of the box” feature, and you have the option of either integrating with the FD-40 PinPad or a Clover Mini to allow for EMV, PIN, or Apple Pay sales. The FD-40 PinPad is customer-facing, so your customers will never need to hand their card to the server. Here are the main features:

  • Accept EMV (chip) cards as well as Chip+PIN transactions
  • Accept Contactless (Apple Pay) transactions
  • Full keypad for customer-entered PINs
  • $249 each – and can only be used in conjunction with the Clover Station

Cash Drawer

A cash drawer is an important part of any Point-of-Sale system! If you purchase a Clover Station, the cash drawer is already included, so you don’t need to purchase separately. However, if you’re using the Clover Mini or Mobile solution, a cash-drawer is an optional accessory. It includes a standard bill tray, coin tray, and 2 keys for the lock.

  • Aluminum build
  • Includes bill/coin trays
  • Locking drawer with 2 keys included
  • $99 each

Kitchen Printer

Built to withstand the heat and humidity of the kitchen, this fast, two-color printer offers crisp, easy to read type for quick viewing. When you use it with Clover, you can even print orders in different languages (European languages only; excludes special characters). This is the only kitchen printer compatible with Clover.

  • Works across all Clover systems, Station/Mini/Mobile
  • Multiple language support
  • Fast-printing
  • $399 each

Mobile Dock (Mobile only)

The Clover Mobile device charges with an included power cable. However, you may wish to purchase a Mobile Dock to allow charging in multiple locations throughout your establishment. The Dock also allows you to quickly/easily set the Mobile device down for a quick charge, without having to fumble around for power cords. It makes charging a breeze! You can even mount the dock on the wall, so that your Clover Mobile devices can be stored out of the way, without taking up valuable counter space.

  • Charge and hold your Clover Mobile device
  • Wall-mountable
  • $129 each

BarCode Scanner

A barcode scanner helps you speed up checkout lines and manage your inventory with ease. The Clover Mobile has a built-in scanner, so you don’t need to purchase a scanner if you use Mobile. Virtually any 1D barcode can be captured — including the typical barcodes that are printed on paper labels; electronic barcodes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or computer that allows retailers to easily process loyalty cards, mobile coupons and more; and the high density (HD) barcodes commonly used in specialty retail and electronic component manufacturing. An optional stand enables automatic switching between handheld and hands-free modes. The Clover-customized version enables easy plug-and-play setup.

  • Plug & Play Setup
  • $159 each

Weight Scale

Frozen yogurt shops and other merchants who sell their wares by weight can speed up checkout with our integrated weight scale. This scale supports up to 20lbs, switches easily between grams and ounces, and automatically passes weight information into Clover for a quick and accurate checkout process.

  • Available for all Clover devices
  • Measures up to 20 lbs.
  • Seamless integration with Clover
  • $399 each

Merchant Keypad (Mini only)

If you plan on keeping your Clover Mini as a “customer facing” device, then you may be interested in the Merchant Keypad. The Merchant Keypad stays on your side of the counter, and simply allows you to enter a dollar amount that will show up on the Clover Mini, prompting your customer to pay. This is a great way to allow your customers full access to the Mini if there’s a large counter or separation between the customer and merchant. You can start refunds or sales, and you can also verify signatures on the device’s screen. The Merchant Keypad cannot function as a PIN-entry device.

  • Available for Clover Mini only
  • Easily toggle between a sale/refund
  • Easy-to-read screen that verifies transaction amounts and signatures
  • $119 each