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6 Ways to Support Small Businesses Without Leaving Your Living Room

It goes without saying that it’s a crazy time in the world right now. For a foodie like myself with a long—and I mean LONG—list of favorite places to eat in our city, I am incredibly worried about them surviving so I can dine in once again. Luckily, many of these places (including local shops, not...


Look Local First: Make Shopping Local Into a Lifestyle!

Think about your favorite place to spend a long weekend: what do you love about going there? You'll probably say things like the weather or a change of scenery, but you'll probably also mention the local restaurants and shopping that help to make your trip a complete and unique experience. Small...

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VizyPay Launches 'Look Local First' to Support Small Businesses

During the holiday season, shopping is often on the top of everybody’s to-do list. Finding unique, meaningful gifts for the special people in your life can be such a challenge in a world taken over by big-box retailers all selling the same mass-produced products. It’s so easy to grab a gift card to...

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