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5 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

As a business owner, you’re critically aware that your client base is the lifeline of your company. A steady stream of new customers allows you to grow your business and fulfill your company vision. Follow these simple action items below to generate and maintain ...

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Look Local First: Let's make shopping local a lifestyle!

Think about your favorite place to spend a long weekend: what do you love about going there? You'll probably say things like the weather or a ...

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Square Customers: Suddenly feel like you’re paying more?

Suddenly feel like your bill with Square has gone up? Well there is a good reason for it: a major change to their pricing structure! Square has historically offered a flat rate of 2.75% to all of their ...

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Pizza Delivery

A Restaurant Owner's Guide To Delivery Apps and Mobile Food Ordering

Just when you thought your restaurant couldn’t get any busier- here comes mobile ordering and meal delivery services! The last thing you want to ...

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4 Bright Ideas to Heat Up Sales This Summer

Sunshine, boating, backyard grilling, there is so much to love about the summertime! Depending on your industry, you might see a lull in sales this time of year or you may be crazed! One thing ...

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Woman on phone

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Loyalty Program

Loyalty. It’s something that we experience in many aspects of our lives... from standing by our losing sports teams ...

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